Top Best Motorcycle Helmet Reviews for You and Ultimate Buying Guide 2017

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Riding on two wheels is one of the greatest adventures of life to enjoy in. When done properly, bike riding is the most phenomenal experience of your life filled with enjoyment and satisfaction. Still, to do it properly you have to pay attention to safety and equipment, especially best motorcycle helmets. My father always emphasized that safety comes first but I kept on ignoring his voice like most teens, and one day I’ve had an accident. My bike was totally smashed after hitting the car; luckily I got no major injury and recovered soon.

Lying on the hospital bed, I realized the gravity of driving hazards and threat of a road accident. Since then I have been preparing and protecting myself to avoid any such calamity. You also need to understand that no matter what kind of rider you are, novice or experienced, you are prone to accidents.

Whenever you need to purchase a motorcycle helmet, put comfort, convenience and safety first.

Advantages of Using a Motorcycle Helmet

The helmet is a must-have safety gear for motorcyclists. There is a constant risk of getting injured because of the open design of motorcycles. The ratio of teenage motorcycle is high because youngsters do not take the advice about wearing the helmet much serious. Below are listed the key benefits of using a motorcycle helmet.

  • Helps reducing traffic accidents.
  • Helps avoiding fatal head injuries.
  • Promotes the sense of responsibility.
  • Protects your eyes and face from the wind and dust.
  • Offers a maximum defense against hot to frigid weather.
  • Keeps your eyes secure from terrible lights of other vehicles
  • Give optimum shield from flying objects (gravel, insects, twigsetc).
  • Improves the comfort level by reducing wind noise.
  • Reduces the healthcare cost for road accident injuries (In many countries, medical treatment is borne by government if a motorcyclist was wearing a helmet during the accident.)

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

Getting a motorcycle helmet is a matter of your safety. If you get into any trouble on your bike you need to know that you can count on your helmet to keep the damage to the head and neck to a minimum. As much as safety is important, your personal style and preferences should also come into play.

There are many to choose from, but we’ve narrowed down a list of some of the best helmets available for purchase online. Check out the list below to learn what makes each helmet worth a look and see if your favorite motorcycle helmet is included!

shoei rf-1200 helmet - best motorcycle helmet

ls2 stream omega full face helmet - best motorcycle helmet

bell solid adult qualifier street bike racing helmet - best motorcycle helmet

1storm motorcycle street bike modular dual visor sun shield full face helmet - best motorcycle helmet

ilm 10 colors motorcycle dual visor flip up modular full face helmet - best motorcycle helmet

How to find the best Motorcycle Helmet

You cannot buy a life but you can take appreciable measures to protect it from prospective misfortunes. To maximally outweigh the risks of bike riding, top-rated motorcycle helmet is mandatory. But, many of you might be not aware of what to look for while picking the most comfortable and valuable helmet. Read on and find out.

Step 1: The type and need of the ride

First of all, you have to decipher what the helmet will be used for. If you are a beginner, a high-end and costly helmet may not be an appropriate purchase. Getting your feet off the ground safely is far more important. It is fine if your helmet is not loaded with features but it should give you fair protection without spending huge bucks

The next thing to consider is whether you take weekly road trips or commute to work, or planning to ride. If riding is your everyday need then higher-end motorcycle helmet will bring more comfort. It will provide better dynamics along with the reduced wind noise.

If you ride in groups to enhance your overall riding experience or just for fun with pals, you should opt for a helmet with a built-in communication system. The reason for that is – communication is the main element in group riding.

On the other hand, if you are participating in a competition, you should try to get a high-end, and extra durable helmet with navigation provisions (usually expensive). Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are also in vogue because they assist in making things even better. Little costly but you can have the helmet with the system either already mounted or ready to install with your current setup.

Step 2: The Type of Bike you want to Ride

Adventure-touring bikers prefer to have Modular helmets, permitting them to raise the face shield when needed.

Cruiser riders love to enjoy the breezy style and therefore, favor Half-Shell helmets the moss. These helmets are not suitable for casual riders.

Sportbike riders need the most safest helmets. A full-face helmet is the best option as it provides elite all-around protection because of the solid chin bar and flip-up shield.

Step 3: Look deep into the features

To pick the perfect motorcycle helmet, you must understand its key features and attributes:

1. Style or Helmet Design:

If you choose a helmet merely because it is attractive or having alluring graphics on it, then you are mistaken my friend. Helmets come in a variety of styles from Full-Face to Modular and Off-Motorcross etc.

  • Full-Face Helmet: 

    Commonly used in professional racing, this helmet completely covers the rider’s head and face. It has a fixed chin bar and a Visor that closes fully to cover the face providing maximum protection.

  • Modular Helmet:

    This Flip-Up helmet is designed to give you the option to get any of the Full-Face or Open-Faced Helmet as you prefer. This means you will get two helmets in one and also a movable chin bar making it more convenient to use. It offers good safety.

  • Open-Faced Helmet:

    This‘three-quarters’ helmet has no chin bar means it will secure your ears, cheeks and back of the head.

  • Half Helmet:

    Also called ‘shorty’, this helmet gives protection to thetop portion of the rider’s head but not to remaining facial and neck parts. This helmet style is popular but least protective.

  • Motocross/Off-road Helmet:

    Usually combined with goggles, this helmet is exactly what you need for competition or off-road riding. In addition to the unique appearance, it features an elongated chin bar plus a sun visor offering premium protection.

2. Helmet Size and Weight:

Always get a helmet in the right size that fits perfectly on your head. Purchase from the manufacturer who offers a wide range of sizes. Keep the weight factor in mind while choosing the helmet. Avoid picking heavy helmet as it will wear you off especially on long rides.

To achieve the right fit, try different padding on helmet’s interior.

3. The Shape Of Your Head:

Another important aspect while looking for a top motorcycle helmet is your head shape. Size and fit of the helmet are actually linked to this factor. In general, head shapes fall into three categories; Round, Oval and Round Oval. No worries if you don’t know what exact head shape you have because almost all manufacturers take this factor into consideration as they design the helmets.

Ensure that whatever helmet you choose, it perfectly fits your head shape. Remember, you need comfort if you ride for the long periods of time.

4. Protection or Shell

First of all, bear in mind that shell/protection/liner is not the helmet’s padding. Inside the rigid outer shell of the helmet, there lies impact-absorbing liner and then the padding in innermost side. Shells are typically composed of polycarbonate plastic or fiberglass. You need strong liner made of quality impact-resistant material like Kevlar or Carbon Fiber;there are Patented Manufacturer Materials as well.

You can check the material of liners manually, which will give you the most accurate measure. Nothing beats checking by hand.

5. Ventilation:

Do not forget the ventilation factor. Even though the sole purpose of a helmet is to provide protection,ventilation should not be overlooked because you need enough airflow.

When choosing a helmet, always look for the number of vents as well as their positions to ensure if the helmet has enough airflow.

You should also look into some other features like padding, visor and graphics etc.

Step 4: Check out safety standards

Check if your preferred helmet is tested and certified. If not, then avoid purchasing and get the one fulfilling all important road safety requirements.

If your selected helmet meets any DOT, ECE22.02 or Snell2010 Safety Ratings, means it has passed the rigorous laboratory testing and can offer following primary functions:

  • Impact protection
  • Penetration protection
  • Retention

Step 5: Compare the preferred models

When you’ve noted and understood the safety ratings and key features, shortlist the few models (3 or 4 would be enough) that suit your needs. You can enlist the models either of the same brand or from different brands. Keeping your finances in mind, compare these models and it will help you choose a top-rated motorcycle helmet.

Step 6: Visit several retail stores

The car is more like steel cage with fiberglass coverings making you feel safer. However, while riding a motorcycle, there is no protective shield in between you and the road or other vehicles. Therefore, you need all the possible protection you can get.

The helmet is the most necessary item in this regard. This is why I am recommending you to visit as many retail stores selling motorcycle helmets as you can. Try on several helmets and always look for the safety standard stickers attached to them.

Let me tell you what else you must need to consider while buying a top motorcycle helmet.

  • Make and Model:

    Check the helmet’s manufacturer and its credibility in the market. What models are available under certain brand? Get the one that will fityour head the best and add more value to your overall appearance.

  • Comfort:

    Comfort is aspecificfeature, unique to you and not anybody else. I might feel comfortable with full-face helmet only; on the other hand,you might prefer modular.Generally, the comfort level goes up with a better fitting helmet.

  • Cost:

    You will get only what you pay for. So, it is all about your budget and availability. You can have a helmet costing you under$100 orup to $1000 or above. Branded helmets usually have steep price tags. When you get a helmet like that, remember that besides the product, you’re paying for a brand as well.


Today, a lot of motorcycle helmets from different brands are available on the market. Therefore, it is not a straightforward job to select the most suitable one, in line with your needs, safety and budget. Models to sizes, features, accessories and additional functions usually make it more complicated for the buyers, especially the ones who are about to purchase a motorcycle helmet for the first time.

No matter which bike you use or what kind of a rider you are, the general rule to follow while picking the best motorcycle helmet is the protection it can provide. Always try to opt for the quality safety features regardless if it entails paying a little extra for it. Do not forget that your life and safety do not have any price tag. It is simply priceless, so, at all times, get a hold on the best for your money.

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