Taxation Seminar

The Smart Taxation Seminar:

How to Lower Your Tax Liabilities.

Workshop Outline

  • Taxation in General:The power to tax and its limits; Essential elements of tax; Classification of taxes and tax payers; Rules on tax exemptions; More about business tax, etc. Tax deficiency and tax delinquency; Tax avoidance and tax evasion distinguished.
  • Effective Strategies for Tax Minimization and Tax Avoidance:Allowable exclusions from gross income business expenses and deductions; Taxation of fringe benefits; How to lower tax liabilities; Tempering the impact of EVAT and percentage taxes; Effect of income minimization; Maximizing tax deductions; Shifting and deferment of business income; Handling deduction accruals; Planning transactions for tax liabilities.
  • Street-Smart Tips in Dealing with the B.I.RWhat to do when you are charged of violation; How to avoid B.I.R investigations; Understanding the limits of mission orders and examiners; SECRETS OF SETTING WITH THE B.I.R


EDGAR E. OLLERES, PHD: A Revenue Officer of the Bureau of Internal Revenue as Case Officer which review evaluate and recommend action on issues concerning collections of delinquent accounts by way of administrative remedies offer the compromise settlement, offer for abatement and cancellation of tax liabilities under the Tax Code, as amended, and its implementing rules and regulations, and guide the preparation of reports in the maintenance of an updated inventory of forfeited assets and the consolidation of reports for submission to management and pertinent government agencies. He is a Technical Working Group (TWG) – Member of Compromise Settlement of tax liabilities and case evaluator of the Technical Working Committee in the Abatement and cancellation of assessment.