How To Choose The Right Size of Motorcycle Helmet

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Riding on two wheels is one of the greatest adventures of life to enjoy in. When done properly, bike riding is the most phenomenal experience of your life filled with enjoyment and satisfaction. Still, to do it properly you have to pay attention to safety and equipment, especially best motorcycle helmets. My father always emphasized that safety comes first but I kept on ignoring his voice like most teens, and one day I’ve had an accident. My bike was totally smashed after hitting the car; luckily I got no major injury and recovered soon.

Lying on the hospital bed, I realized the gravity of driving hazards and threat of a road accident. Since then I have been preparing and protecting myself to avoid any such calamity. You also need to understand that no matter what kind of rider you are, novice or experienced, you are prone to accidents.

Whenever you need to purchase a motorcycle helmet, put comfort, convenience and safety first.

How To Choose The Right Size?

If you are riding a motorcycle, there is one thing that you will definitely need – a helmet. Depending on where you are living, its use is mandated by law. More importantly, it is important for your safety as it will prevent serious head injuries in the event of a crash. With this, it is important to choose one carefully. Among others, one of the most critical considerations would be its size. In this case, keep on reading and we will provide you with some tips on how to choose the right size of motorcycle helmet.

1. Get your Measurement

The first thing that you have to do is to get a measurement of your head. You can do it at home before you start looking for the right helmet. Use a tape measure and wrap it around the head, specifically the forehead. The measurement will be indicative of the circumference of your head. Generally speaking, the following are the sizes corresponding specific measurements:

motorcycle helmet size chart


2. Try It On

When it comes to choosing a helmet that comes with the right size, another important thing that you should be doing is to try it on. Keep in mind that different manufacturers will most probably have different sizes. It would be best if you can go to an actual store and have the helmet fitted. Do not fit just one helmet or one brand. Try as many as possible to find one that will be best fitted for your head.

Once you are already wearing the helmet, secure the chin straps. Make sure that you can be able to place two fingers comfortably and this should be the space between the strap and your jaw. Fortunately, many helmets have adjustable chin straps, allowing you to configure the fit as needed.

3. Consider Your Head Shape

Your face can be long, narrow, round, or oval. This is important to determine so that you will be able to find a helmet that can offer the highest level of protection. More often than not, looking at the exterior of the helmet is not enough. Keep in mind that there is a padding inside the helmet, which can affect its size, depending on how thick it could possibly be.

4. Rotate the Helmet In Your Head

You should also rotate the helmet.Once it is already worn turn it left and right. When it is too loose, this is an indication that you have chosen the wrong size. You must be able to feel the pressure points to be guaranteed that it will deliver a snag fit. If it can freely rotate on your head, it will not be capable of delivering the protection that you need.

5. Wear It For a Few Minutes

Before you finally decide that it is indeed the right choice for you, it is important to have it worn for a few minutes. The most important thing is that you are comfortable with the helmet. If you feel uncomfortable after a few minutes, try another one. It will be hard for you to concentrate riding your motorcycle when you are wearing a helmet that is annoying. If it is too tight, it could apply too much pressure on your face, and in the end, can be painful.


Infographic – How to Choose the Right Size Motorcycle Helmet?

How to Choose The Right Size Motorcycle Helmet infographic

Attention while Using a Motorcycle Helmet

A motorcycle helmet is the most useful safety gear that prevents injuries. In an uncontrolled environment, it is near to impossible to avoid a crash or prevent the impact. But,if you have a helmet securely attached to your head, you can have fair chances to minimize or even prevent severe head or brain injury. While using a helmet, you need to be extra attentive and always take the things mentioned blow into consideration.

  • Keep your helmet clean and well maintained.
  • Ensure the proper working of the chin strap. It must not be loosened.
  • Ensure that your helmet is perfectly fits your head.
  • Do not forget to close the straps or else it will be totally useless.
  • Keep checking for the tiny inner cracks.
  • Get your damaged helmet replaced immediately.
  • Do not take your helmet off while you are on the bike.
  • Make sure that ventilation system is seamlessly functional.Keep the helmet out of children’s reach and at a safe place. Heavy helmets can hurt little kids.


Today, a lot of motorcycle helmets from different brands are available on the market. Therefore, it is not a straightforward job to select the most suitable one, in line with your needs, safety and budget. Models to sizes, features, accessories and additional functions usually make it more complicated for the buyers, especially the ones who are about to purchase a motorcycle helmet for the first time.

No matter which bike you use or what kind of a rider you are, the general rule to follow while picking the best motorcycle helmet is the protection it can provide. Always try to opt for the quality safety features regardless if it entails paying a little extra for it. Do not forget that your life and safety do not have any price tag. It is simply priceless, so, at all times, get a hold on the best for your money.

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