7 Family Rituals MUST DO to Add Meaning to Every Day

By Asha Dornfest | Babble – Thu, 10 Jan 2013

Whether religious or not, many people consider ritual and tradition to be an important (and treasured) part of life. The word ritual has such a serious ring to it, but rituals can also be simple, comforting and fun. And now that we’re past the distraction of the holidays, it’s easier to think about ritual in its less-loaded, everyday form: the little things you can do each day, each week, or each season to insert a pause for reflection or appreciation. Rituals need not be time-consuming (or all that serious) to be special. As long as they’re predictable and important to your family, they will be meaningful. Here are 7 ideas to consider. See if one resonates for you. – By Asha Dornfest

Light a candle

Photo by: Brendan DeBrincat
1. Light a candle
Lighting candles at mealtime naturally quiets things down and encourages reflection. (Unless your kids are toddlers or pyromaniacs, of course.)


Give thanks

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2. Give thanks
Expressing gratitude before you eat — such a simple way to pause. No need to include religion if that’s not your thing.


Friday night dessert

Photo by: Benny Mazur
3. Friday night dessert
We make Friday nights special by serving a treat. It encourages our kids to invite friends over instead of making plans, and it takes dessert out of the “daily” realm and into the “special.”


Change of venue

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4. Change of venue
Dinner in the living room. Sleepover in the basement. “Predictable variety” is exciting.


Weekly family fun night

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5. Weekly family fun night
Movie night, game night, quiet reading night…whatever you enjoy.


Scheduled phone calls

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6. Scheduled phone calls
Regular calls to the grandparents or far-flung friends maintains connections and adds rhythm to the week


Coming of age rituals

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7. Coming of age rituals
Monthly growth chart recordings, weekly allowance…these small actions let a kid know she’s growing up.

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