2016 Philippine presidential election like in a basketball game

Prenella | PNGS Inc. – Tue, 26 Apr 2016

As Head Coach of your team what will you do? Sure 2 or gamble to 3 pts?

2016 Philippine presidential election by pngs inc

I’m a simple and ordinary person only that want to share my own perspective and political view in the coming 2016 election. Please allow me to share my political views in the most important and most anticipated event in our country this coming few days.

My goal is to enlighten some of our fellow voters to think and decide heart fully. That’s all.

Here’s the DEAL –  At present based on facts that our country Philippines is at MOVING UP mode meaning from the ‘Sick man of Asia’ to the one of the best performing country in the world.

Since Philippines is a basketball country let me compare this coming election decision that we need to decide as situation in a most important basketball game of our life.

Here’s the situation:

In a basketball game your team is behind by two (2) points with only three (3) seconds left in the official time of the game.

As Head Coach of your team, what solution or choice you will do?

  • a.) Mar Roxas (Tabla) – You can take the sure two (2) points. (I said sure 2 pts because given that it is surely will goal-in for this situation)
    By choosing him you are guaranteed that you will not loss the game. It’s just a tie breaker of the present situation of our country today. He will just continue what the previous administration did in our country.
  • b.) Rodrigo Duterte (Sablay Talo) – You can try the three (3) points big shot by chance. (There’s a possibility to goal in or out)
    By choosing him you are putting our country to a big gamble of your life. He can give us big success or the new TIGER country of Asia (if the ball will goal-in) or big FAILURE  if not (from Moving Up mode present situation to ‘Sick man of Asia’ again)
  • c.) Grace Poe (Tabla o Talo) – Choice ‘c’ is a little bit different situation instead of two (2) pts your team is left behind by three (3) pts. If goal-in possibly almost the same or continuation of the present situation or tabla. If goal-out expect the worst or talo.
    By choosing her She can duplicate or a little surpass what the present administration did (if goal-in) or expect the worst (if goal-out).
  • d.) Jejomar Binay and Miriam Santiago (tambak na) – Your team left behind by big margin. So there’s no chance to win the game.
    Explanation (for Santiago):
    Honestly Miriam is my presidential choice long long time ago pa since the 1st time she run for the President position but like I said since no chance of winning I will go to my 2nd choice.
    Explanation (for Binay):
    Philippines is a big corrupt na tinubuan ng bansa. So kayo na magsabi why not him. As Duterte said “S-T-O-P”
  • e.) None of the choices a to d
    To those not agree to the given choices or not satisfied to my explanation you are free to choose this answer.

Honestly at present I’m still undecided if which of which is my president this coming election. At sa mga di naman sang ayon sa mga choices or explanation na nailagay ko ay okay lang naman. Wala naman sapilitan sa pagpili ng sagot at pwede nyo piliin yung letter ‘e’ for that reason.

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